Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Thank and Support Montel Williams

Thank and Support Montel Williams

Recently when Fox News invited Montel Williams to come on the air to discuss the death of movie star Heath Ledger, he refused to discuss it in depth saying that while he felt for the star's family the deaths in Iraq deserved discussion. At the end of this post, there is a YouTube link where one can view the entire segment. It is not long since this is only the part where Williams appeared. The talking heads of Faux went to commercial when they were unable to turn Williams away from the subject of Iraq. He was not with the panel after the return from commercial break.

This was not the end of the matter however, over the next three days, Fox affiliates that carried the "Montel Williams Show" all declined to sign renewal contracts for 2008-2009. The syndicators of the show then announced that the show was being cancelled. This means Montel was essentially fired for having the audacity to talk about troop deaths on Fox. The power of a monolithic Main Stream Media has reached a new obscene level. They have proven to be coconspirators with the warmongers of the Bush regime. Ignoring the death and destruction in Iraq has allowed almost 4,000 American military deaths and over 1 million civilian Iraqi deaths. This is head in the sand, what they don't know won't hurt them attitude, is a war crime in and of itself.

I have spent the last few days looking for place to support Montel. While I did find several bloggers that supported him, one even linking to a Fox complaint site, I did not find any with the sole purpose of saying thank you. I have decided to start an online petition to do just that.

Petition to Thank and Support Montel Williams

The petition states:

To Montel Williams:
We the undersigned would like to say thank you. We applaud your efforts to try to discuss the human costs of the Iraq invasion and occupation. We deplore the fact that your efforts have cost you your job. We send our best wishes and hopes for success in your future endeavors. Please keep thinking free and do not let the country forget the killing and dying—it will only let the Iraqi situation continue with no end in sight.

Video of Montel Williams' Apperance on Fox

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Anonymous said...

Excellent article! Thanks for posting.


Angel Of Mercy said...

Just stopped by to say hello! No...this angel has ZERO mercy for cheap-labor conservative hypocrites like Senator Toe-Tapper.

Take care and be well; I'll be back...

Lydia said...

Your blog is great and I wish I'd known about it over the past eight years of insanity. New to blogging, I just realized that if I clicked on the blue-link text in my profile that I'd get a synopsis of other bloggers with similar interests. So I clicked on "politics" in my profile page and found your blog. Actually, we have quite a few interests that are the same in our profiles. (My first vote ever was for McGovern.) As the person above said, I'll be back.

feelthefire said...

there is no proof.